Get your business incorporated all over India. The services includes DSC & DIN for two partners, the Name Approval, Drafting of Agreement, Follow up with the Registrar of Companies, until Issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation & Bank Account Opening Support.

Partnership Firm Registration

To start a Partnership firm, partners need to enter into an agreement which is popularly known as Partnership Deed. Different states impose stamp duty on the partnership deeds, it means while creating a partnership instrument (Deed) the partners must purchase stamp paper of appropriate value to be annexed with the agreement. An agreement can further be notarized. Though registration of partnership Firm is not mandatory under The Partnership Act, 1932, however, section 69 of the act specifies the effect of Non-Registration, according to that an unregistered firm shall not be able to recover any sum more than Rs. 100. Thus it is strongly recommended to register the partnership firm.

LLP Registration

LLP is an alternative corporate business form that gives the benefits of limited liability and the flexibility of a partnership business; In other words, it offers advantages of both worlds by bringing simplicity in management akin to partnership firms and scope of expansion like that of a company. The compliance requirements are relatively less, and only a few returns have to be filed. For small LLP the audit Is not required. An LLP is a new form of business introduced in the year 2009. For Registration of LLP, Minimum two people are needed, there is no limit any maximum number of its partners. The advantage of LLP form of business over a Pvt Ltd Company is in the fact that there is less compliance requirement in comparison to a Company.

One Person Company Registration (OPC)

A One Person Company is the newest form of business in India introduced by the Companies Act, 2013 for the first time wherein only one person can open a company. However, a nominee needs to be nominated. The major advantage of OPC over the proprietorship business is the concept of Limited Liability to its shareholder. The OPC is suitable for small businesses whe re the turnover is not likely to cross Rs. 2 Crores and the maximum amount of capital to be invested is limited to Rs. 50 Lac. An OPC can have more than one director. However one of them must be an Indian Resident. The main limitation of OPC form of company is that only an Indian Citizen can open an OPC Company and FDI is not allowed in one person company. Team SETINDIABIZ is the experienced team to take care of your OPC Registration.

Company Registration

A Company is a separate legal entity, independent of its promoters and is registered under The Companies Act, 2013. To register a company, we need at least two person as the shareholder and director, who can be same persons. However one of the directors must be resident in India. A Company is a favorite form of business for Startup India, where the biggest benefit is the concept of limited liability to its shareholders. The Banks, Financial Institutions, and Angel Investors Invest only in a Company form of business. Hence we strongly advise registering a company for your business. Another big advantage is the availability of automatic route of approval for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), which means that there is no need to take any prior approval before starting a company, However, post infusion of capital the same need to be reported to RBI. Team SETINDIABIZ is the experienced team to take care of your company registration.

Society / Trust Registration

A society is an organized group of persons whose main objective is to serve society and not to earn a profit. A society is registered under The Societies Registration Act, 1860 to become a legal entity.

Trust is registered under the Indian Trust Act, 1882 and at the office of sub-registrar of under whose jurisdiction the register office of the trust is situated.


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What is One Person Company

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