Restaurant or Food Chain Set up

Restaurant or Food Chain Set up

For setting up your dream business e.g. restaurant, you need to ensure that following licenses are in place

1. Property at which you are planning to open restaurant should be viable for commercial purpose otherwise it will be difficult or impossible to get licenses.

2. FSSAI Registration or License

3. Trade or Health Licenses from municipal civic body

4. Music License in case you are playing music at restaurant

5. Pollution License – consent from pollution control board of respective state

6. Fire NOC

7. Lift Clearance

8. Legal Metrology Compliance & Registration for label on packaged food

9. Eating License from police Department

10 Shop & Establishment Registration

11. Self Signage License from Municipal Body of city

12. GST Registration

13. Company / Firm Incorporation

14. Registration at Tourism Department

15. Excise license for bar

16. Trade Mark for your brand

17 NOC from Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) form drawing ground water

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